The Activist Theology Project is not like other organizations you might support: what other non-profits may refer to as their “donor base,” we reject the transactional nature of the non-profit industrial complex, and instead, we seek to cultivate meaningful relationships as co-conspirators in the work of getting free from multi-systems oppression.


We do not believe in saviors; no one is coming to save us. The work of getting free is work that all of us can do – indeed, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.


There’s much work to be done; the labor of building the bridges that will support us into an unfolding and emerging new reality is the labor of rebuilding and restoring our humanity, tending to our bodies and to our body politic, and nurturing transformed social systems that materially manifest an ethics of radical care for ourselves, for each other, and for our only home, Earth.

Join us in the journey and you’ll find that you’re already home. 

We invite you to give financially to support this emerging & important work. We invite you to join this work by re-storying yourself and joining our community.