Rachel Ford
Curator of Programming

With a framework of administrative and organizational work experiences, Rachel Ford is a Southern belle with passions for encouraging creativity, cultivating community, and engaging diversity. Rachel’s extensive education in religion and commitment to social justice work move her to explore the depths of mutuality through various means of sharing, learning, and storytelling with others. After moving to Tennessee in 2013 to pursue a Master of Divinity from Vanderbilt Divinity School, Rachel and her partner are based in Nashville, along with their adorable cat, Elinor.

Rev. Eileen Campbell-Reed, Ph.D.
Curriculum Consultant

Eileen is an academic entrepreneur, public practical theologian, seminary professor, and theological ethnographer. Her work bridges church and academy, spirituality and practice, personal faith and public theology, prayer and practices of justice.

Nashville is where she loves to come home after traveling far and wide. Her vocational joy comes when she engages in sacred, redeeming, and liberating work. That work includes openly and publicly deconstructing the privileges and harms of the dominant culture, which have shaped her. Joy also comes in joining with people who want to end those harms by undoing, subverting and remaking the world we inherited. After more than five years in pastoral ministry and over a decade of seminary teaching, her sacred work increasingly leads her to teaching, mentoring, coaching, writing and research both in and beyond traditional institutions.