Incubating sustainable change by responding to the needs of the world

The Activist Theology Project is a collaborative team passionate about our commitment to the ethics and politics of en conjunto (togetherness).  We are public theologians, practitioners of restorative practices, and strategy-minded people situated in the hybrid space of church, academy, and movements.  We are a multiplicity of humans who have engaged one another to bridge radical differences.

This commitment to bridge compels the team to curate the three pillars of the Activist Theology Project, which are convening people curating a liberative relationality, creative digital engagement helping connect the dots motivating thought into action, and companioning that serves as the deep intentional practice of being with one another on this journey helping to build a movement committed to collective liberation and a more loving world.



With the growing economic devastation and the acceleration of capitalism, we live in the toxicity and lack of care for our world that produces an extreme environment of crisis.  Because of this and so much more, the world palpitates for hope & possibilities. In order to make a productive intervention in today’s world, we must take seriously the role of supremacy culture that threatens the flourishing of us all.  The Activist Theology Project exists to shift culture and mindset in such a way that we can all hear, feel, & experience the world midwife hope & possibility for a more loving world of radical difference.